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Acupuncture - First Visit

I had heard a lot about acupuncture from researching non-medicinal treatments for my symptoms, which are now mostly sound sensitivity, headaches, and hormone imbalances. I am currently trying to stop all prescription medication (especially pain medicine) and I'm looking for other ways to treat my lingering symptoms plus the withdrawal that goes along with stopping medication. What pushed me into making an appointment was a story from a friend who had migraines all the time. She said that she tried everything, and the only thing that helped was acupuncture. Since I get headaches every day and was tired of taking Advil all the time, I thought I should try it.

I went in and filled out the usual paperwork, and then the acupuncturist led me to the office, which was more like a doctor's office than I expected it to be. The acupuncturist went over everything with me and asked me about every single problem I had currently and had ever had before (which took almost an hour). She spent a really long time trying to understand everything that was going on with me, which was really nice of her. Then she tested some pressure points in my legs, feet, and hands and got the needles out. I have been stuck with needles waaayyy too many times, and I knew that it wasn't going to hurt, but I had to close my eyes anyway.


Turns out I didn't even feel any of them, except for one of the seven in my hands. She focused on points in my ankles, legs, and hands for relief from temple headaches, migraine headaches, and hormonal imbalances. She took a couple pictures of where the needles were.

They were left in for about 20 minutes and then after she took them out, she did some massages on my neck and face to help relieve some tension and ear pain from my sound sensitivity. Overall it was very relaxing, but I didn't feel too different over the next couple of days. The acupuncturist said that most people feel different after 4-6 visits, so I will definitely be going back.

I definitely encourage everyone to try alternative methods to pain relief, even if it is expensive, because medication can have bad side effects. I will be writing more about acupuncture once I have visited more and gotten a feel for the real benefits.

As always, thank you for reading and please let us know if you have any comments!

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