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If you have any questions about medications or supplements and their effectiveness, side effects, or specific use, let us know!

Medications and Supplements Taken

Rocephin - antibiotic, IV

Doxycycline - antibiotic, IV and oral

INVANS - antibiotic, IV

Minocycline - antibiotic, oral

Rifampin - antibiotic, oral

Tindamax - antibiotic, oral

Penicillin - antibiotic, IV

Bicillin - antibiotic, shot

Tramadol - pain reliever, oral


Samento - antibacterial herb for Lyme, oral drops

Serrapeptidase - biofilm dissolving enzyme, oral

Acidophilus - probiotic, oral

Vitamins B12, C, D - for specific deficiencies

Potassium and Magnesium - for specific deficiencies

5-HTP - sleep and anxiety, oral

Xanax - anxiety, oral

Melatonin - sleep, oral

Coffea cruda - sleep, oral dissolving beadlets

Ignatia amara - hypersensitivity, oral dissolving beadlets

Glutathione - detox, oral

Charcoal - detox, oral

Zoloft - anxiety, oral (had bad side effects)

Lexapro - anxiety, oral (had bad side effects)

Trazodone - sleep and depression, oral

Nyastatin - antifungal, oral

CoQ10 - heart health, oral

Vimovo (high strength Aleve) - pain reliever, oral

Lysine - skin and mouth health, oral

CBD oil - sleep, anxiety, and antibacterial, oral drops

Prednisone - steroids, anti inflammatory, oral

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